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Dr. Vincent ROBERT, the author of this website, is a retired physician.

After beginning my career as an intensive care physician, I shifted my focus to epidemiology and medical statistics. I then worked as a doctor in charge of a Medical Information Department in France, first at the CHR Metz-Thionville and then at Alpha-Santé, and then in Luxembourg, at the Robert Schuman Hospital.

I was also president of the Clinical Research Commission of the CHR Metz-Thionville and a member of the CPP Est 3, as a competent person in statistics.

In addition, I teach medical statistics at the University of Lorraine (Professional degree in Statistics and decisional computing).

Finally, I am a member of the Collective Cancer Rose, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fair and comprehensive information on breast cancer screening (link to the Cancer Rose website)

If you have any questions or points of disagreement that you would like to discuss, you can email me at :

To the extent that I’m available, I’ll try to answer it.

No need to send me abusive e-mails, they will go directly to the trash !


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