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Author of the website

Dr. Vincent ROBERT, the author of this website, is a retired physician.

After beginning my career as an intensive care physician, I shifted my focus to epidemiology and medical statistics. I then worked as a doctor in charge of a Medical Information Department in France, first at the CHR Metz-Thionville and then at Alpha-Santé, and then in Luxembourg, at the Robert Schuman Hospital.

I was also president of the Clinical Research Commission of the CHR Metz-Thionville and a member of the CPP Est 3, as a competent person in statistics.

In addition, I teach medical statistics at the University of Lorraine (Professional degree in Statistics and decisional computing).

Finally, I am a member of the Collective Cancer Rose, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fair and comprehensive information on breast cancer screening (link to the Cancer Rose website)

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